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If there is no specific property that interests you, but you have a vision of what you want, just fill in our simple contact form and write a message. After receiving your request, a real estate agent will contact you with information and answers to all your questions.

According to your wishes and given answers, we will compile a list of properties that we would like to present to you . Together we will go through every real estate – discuss and analyze them and customize the list according to what you like.

The properties that we have in our offer are advertised on However, we also provide real estate of owners who do not want to advertise, and real estate from the agencies we work with.

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Once we have selected the properties that you like, we can organize and prepare a tour with the sellers

An agent will ask you to sign an agency Broker fee agreement before the visit and at the end of the sightseeing you will be asked to fill in a Real estate sightseeing form. The purpose of this form is to confirm which real estate you have visited with us and which real estate will the Broker Fee Agreement apply to.

If we do not offer the property you are looking for or none of the ones we have shown you is suitable for you, we will save your request and contact you if such property appears on our offer.

The buying process

You, as the Buyer, will give your offer to the Seller, who can accept or reject it. After the Seller accepts your offer, both parties will sign what they agreed upon in the Down payment request. This document contains essential elements of mutual agreement regarding prices and ways of payment, and any other relevant factors such as handover of the property, etc.. In order to continue further sale the Buyer deposits 3% bis 5% of the final purchase price to a special transit account as a down payment to reserve the property, which is returned to the property owner after signing the purchase and sale agreement and after te Seller gets the agreement certified by a notary public.

The agency’s lawyer will re-check the validity of all the property documents, he will draw up the main Agreement, and submit it for review to all parties in the sales process prior to the signature by a Notary public. If one of the parties is not a Croatian citizen, it will be necessary to obtain a Certificate of land use (it is essential that the land is not agricultural to be able to register foreign citizens). This process can take two to three weeks.

Once all the documents are collected and tested, and all the conditions are met the Main contract is signed and certified by a Notary public. According to Croatian law, only the Seller’s signature must be certified by a Notary public. If the buyer is unable to attend the signing, the contract can be signed, for example, in abroad, and mailed to the Agency’s lawyer. Depending on the agreed terms and manner of payment of the Contract, a down payment is paid (usually in the amount of 10%) to the Seller’s or Agency’s special account. After which the property rights are Pre-registered to the Buyer.

Upon the completion of pre-registration, follows the payment of the rest of the purchase price.

After the Seller receives the agreed purchase price in full, they shall sign / issue a Tabular statement, which will be notarized. The Tabular statement will specify that the money was received in full, and that the new owner – the Buyer is permitted to Register the ownership. This purchase is successfully completed.

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